• EURO EPS: THE NEW RASANTE ADHESIVE WITH EURO EPS: THE NEW RASANTE ADHESIVE WITH "EPS" LIGHT INERT 18.01.2018 EURO EPS is the new screed adhesive with EPS, suitable for the construction of thermal insulation systems, suitable for gluing insulating panels in expanded polystyrene (EPS) and for subsequent shaving / laying with mesh. Continue
  • EUROSANFAST: FAST AND LOW THICKNESS EUROSANFAST: FAST AND LOW THICKNESS 12.02.2017 Basements, cellars, garages are environments where moisture creates damage to structures and reduces the living comfort. Continue
  • EUROCAP LIGHT: LIGHT  & THIN EUROCAP LIGHT: LIGHT & THIN 10.02.2017 EUROCAP LIGHT is a mortar made of cement, lime, "hollow glass" lightweight aggregate and selected mineral charges, specific additives and synthetic resins for thermal insulation "coating" systems and the subsequent leveling. Continue
  • NEW TRAINING COURSES 2015 NEW TRAINING COURSES 2015 02.01.2017 Eurobeton srl has always been attentive to training organized for the year 2015 a training course on Technologies for the Restoration. Continue